GLaDOS Sings at Anime Midwest 2011 in Chicago, Illinois

Voice actors Ellen McLain and her husband, John Patrick Lowrie were judges at the Anime Midwest Masquerade and then performed songs from the Portal series at Anime Midwest. Ellen, who plays the voice of GLaDOS in the Portal series, is a talented opera singer and John can also hold his own in the singing area even while accompanying her on the banjo and for percussion, his teeth?  I have to admit I was surprised and delighted by his accompaniment.  I was even more delighted to hear he has a science fiction novel coming out soon.  His book, Dancing with Eternity, is coming out on September first and looks to be very interesting.  According to his site, “Dancing with Eternity will be available in Kindle ($5.95) and trade paperback ($17.95) online on the Amazons worldwide (including the UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Japan) and at bookstores throughout the country. Bookstores and libraries will be able to purchase books wholesale by contacting Epicenter Press or through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Partners West, and Midwest Library Service, among others.  Other electronic versions will be offered on Smashwords ($5.95) and available at all major ebook stores.”

While you wait anxiously for John’s book to come out, check out this video I put together of Ellen and John’s duets at Anime Midwest.

Portal, GLaDOS, characters and music ©2008-2011 by Valve.

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