Paula Sullivan, The Entertaining Organist at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Recently when the Grand Rapids Public Museum had its grand opening of the Civil War Exhibition, Paula Sullivan played while a story of the Civil War unfolded on their screen.  Afterwards I stuck around and asked her how she got her start in music and what she does other than the Museum.  As a child she went to the theater in Fort Wayne where she grew up and loved to listen to their organist play for the shows and knew she wanted to play even as a child.  She now teaches as well as plays for religious services as well as playing on the beautiful organ at the museum.  She told me it is the same organ that they used to have at the Roaring 20s pizza place in the Roaring 20s plaza I went to a couple times when I was a kid.  After we chatted a bit she agreed to play a song just for me.  One of my all time favorites – The Entertainer by Scott Joplin!

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