Legendary Fun Happens at ConBravo! 2011

Today I drove over to Burlington, Ontario, Canada to catch what I could of ConBravo! 2011.

The people have been great, the cosplays beautiful, and, of course, I am having fun.

I have seen the battle games at a number of conventions and it is always fun to watch, but here their Arena was outdoors and it seemed a free-for-all.  I am pretty sure the players were broken up into teams but I really couldn’t tell which was which.  It didn’t really matter to me though as everyone was having fun and nobody got hurt to my knowledge.

There is a tree just outside the hotel entrance that has a frowning face on it that I thought was very cool so I dragged a number of unwary cosplayers to pose by it.  There is a legend about that tree that it is sad and that one day the chosen one will come along and the tree will rejoice at their coming and break into a huge smile.  Well, maybe there wasn’t a legend to that effect before today but that’s what I was telling folks so it must be true!  The fellow in this picture is a Wizard I met on the trail of legends at Con Bravo 2011.  He is the legendary, world famous Wizard named Wizaard.  Check out his Youtube channel where you will see far more impressive things than him trying to teach a tree to smoke (really its not that difficult with a match or two but I don’t think the hotel would have liked that.

I have a couple hundred images up from this afternoon and some more that are being processed as we speak so check out my Con Bravo! 2011 album for more photos!

The con goes on for one more day so if you are in the area swing on by.  I will be putting more pics and video up as I am able.  In the meantime I am going to catch a bit of the rave so more soon on Con Bravo! 2011!

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