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Originally I started the site back just before Gen Con Indy 2010 last August and was going to have a writer friend working with me.  He couldn’t make it to Gen Con last year so I wrote a few articles myself.  After that he had a new book come out and that kept him busy, so in January 2011 I decided to just scrap the old site and do the writing myself.  The thought of it intimidated me though, as I have never really fancied myself a writer.

I can’t guarantee that anyone but  me will be excited by this, but back in February when I trashed my old site, I set some goals.  Along the way I decided that if/when I hit 10,000 unique visitors  (multiple visits in a month are not counted so that is one visitor per computer counted.  Multiple people using the same computer are not counted so it could, in actuality, be higher!) in a month I would start looking at the possibility of getting sponsors and such.

The final statistics for July 2011 are in and, six months after posting the first article to my site, I broke 10,000 unique visitors with a total of 10,584 and 336,749 total hits for the month.

I also posted my 100th article last month and covered Con Bravo! an anime convention in Canada this past weekend so now I can say I have provided international coverage.  As far as readership, I know I get readers in a number of countries, Canada being one of the biggest I also get a lot of hits from Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

Earlier this year I had to upgrade my web hosting account due to the quantity of files and photos I had posted making my web space tight.

As soon as I finish this post I will be calling my web host and letting them know that I have posted this and it is time for the second upgrade this year, freeing me up to post more pics and going with unlimited bandwidth as it looked like I would exceed my bandwidth before too long if the site continues to grow as it has.

They said the upgrade will take a couple days.  During that time the site will be available but if I make any changes I would lose any updates so I won’t be posting again until they give me the word.

Gen Con 2011 starts Thursday so they said they should be able to do it before then as long as I step back and let them.  It seems appropriate as I started this site last year just before Gen Con Indy 2010 and now I am celebrating what I consider significant success just before Gen Con 2011.

So, the bottom line is I am celebrating and at the same time stepping back from the site for two days to let the techs do their thing.  I will be at Gen Con Thursday through Sunday so see you there or you can see what is happening there by checking here.

They have an awesome cosplay/masquerade, a zombie walk, and on the gaming available there, there really is no comparison!

See you soon!

Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Aug 2011 9029 8799 3082 223 138 310305 223 3082 8799 9029
Jul 2011 10862 10203 4544 341 2900 13255566 10584 140879 316295 336749
Jun 2011 10473 10067 1977 252 3174 11629354 7566 59319 302024 314202
May 2011 10056 9832 952 162 2239 7244908 5051 29540 304818 311754
Apr 2011 4080 4021 397 93 1276 2385115 2819 11934 120649 122400
Mar 2011 1658 1630 210 61 801 710719 1901 6515 50553 51425
Feb 2011 564 547 48 12 223 157471 342 1371 15335 15812
Jan 2011 12 12 8 5 50 1680 157 264 385 400
Dec 2010 8 8 5 4 36 874 128 160 271 274
Nov 2010 8 7 4 3 38 792 108 144 235 246
Oct 2010 20 19 8 3 55 2792 122 270 617 622
Sep 2010 11 11 6 2 21 1190 79 181 335 336
Totals 35700766 29080 253659 1120316 1163249
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  1. Thanks Zack! Great to have you out there. When will I see you at an event?

  2. *has a farm fuzzy feeling knowing I was one of those 10,000*

    Glad to see you’re reaching your goals man! Keep up the great work!

  3. WOO HOO!!!! Congrats! Hope the upgrade goes well.
    Looking forward to GEN CON stuff

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