Gen Con – Mecca for the Fantasy Arts!

Gen Con is well known as the Best Four Days in Gaming but Gen Con has much more to offer than that.  With fantasy gaming comes fantasy movies, books, and just plain great art and some of the biggest names in fantasy art wanter through the halls and the exhibition center at Gen Con.  Here a fan is getting his arm signed by the great fantasy artist Larry Elmore.

Apparently this is not a well kept secret as I was to find out.  I caught the beautiful accent of this lovely young artist and had to ask where she was from.  I had an interesting conversation and discovered that she, Belinda Morris, is an artist who made her way to Indianapolis from about 15 minutes from Perth, Australia.  Admittedly as someone on the other side of the world, to me, 15 minutes from Perth is as good as from Perth but to Australians there is a strong distinction.

When Belinda studied art in College she said one of her professors indicated that her work wasn’t so much art as it is illustration so she doesn’t bill herself as an artist but rather an illustrator.  Again, a distiction that is lost on me as one who can’t draw a straight line, yet I hope she doesn’t mind my saying that I find her illustrations are quite artistic regardless of what some natty, old professor may have said.

Belinda is here at Gen Con to check out the gaming artistry at Gen Con and to make some connections in the gaming industry.  Check out her work on her site –

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