Water You Going to do at Gen Con?

Gen Con boasts a great selection of entertainment for their four day gaming convention.  Among the excellent performers is the Milwaukee band Water Street Bridge.  They take their name from the Bridge in Milwaukee where they like to practice.

They sing Celtic, Creole, bluesy, folk songs of times gone by that bring to mind pubs I went to in Ireland and England.

If I could only convince them to come join my Tuesday night gaming group they’d be excellent for the medieval pub scenes.

But enough of my commentary!

If you aren’t at Gen Con you are missing a lot so swing by for some great entertainment and in the meantime, enjoy a taste of Gen Con with the Water Street Bridge!

On this second one there was some static coming from their equipment which they fixed during the song. At the end it goes black with no sound. Apparently I left the size set at the same as the previous video and will have to go back and edit that out. In the mean time, just cancell the video when it goes black.

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