The Masquerade at Gen Con 2011!


The Masquerade at Gen Con starts with the costume inspections by the judges to determine the quality and effort that went into the costume and that happens well before the event even start.  For the event itself, it begins with the participants parading around the convention center led by Dan the Bard.

After the costume parade the contestants go to the main staging area where the show began with a performance by the Different Drummer Belly Dance Troup.

The Masquerade consisted of the various participants walking, runing, rolling, or otherwise crossing the stage.  Some of them make a simple pass across the stage, pausing for the Judges to rate them, while others would perform clever acts.

There were also sever entrants in the youth category that didn’t really have to do anything in particular other than to stand there looking cute.

I brought an extra staff photographer, Greg Cummins, to the convention so that I could focus on other things (like video in the case of the masquerade!) so check out the Masquerade photos I just posted and check back later for video from the Gen Con.

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