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At Gen Con 2011 I had the pleasure and privilege to take a look at a game that was fresh off the presses.

For those who like the Railroad and other connect the dot variety of games you will love Chaotic Connections.

It has the basic theme of connecting cities as the main goal but it reminds me of half the trips I have taken.

You can plan all you want but at the last minute you may find your destination has changed or that the road is closed (did I ever mention my flight to Sakura Con a few months back or my Virgin Mobile/Google Maps GPS course plotter?  Its kinda like that!)

You can just about have your cities connected and someone throws up a road block, detour, or just plane swaps cities with you so they win.

It is a game of strategy of luck, but mostly fun.

I shot a bit of video of the instruction period of a demonstration so I could share it here.

(There is a glitch in my software/computer so please forgive the section of video where it briefly turns red for no apparent reason.)

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