And Sewing Is Half The Battle – First Place Professionals at Gen Con 2011!

And Sewing Is Half The Battle - Photo by Greg Cummings

I first encountered the cosplay team – And Sewing Is Half The Battle – a couple of years back when I accidently wandered into my first Anime Convention.  I had intended to do some outdoors, nature photography that weekend but there was a huge storm coming in so I went online and saw that there was an Anime convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It sounded interesting enough so I hopped into my car and drove to Fort Wayne.  I loved the energy there and folks were practically jumping in front of my camera.

I watched and shot photos during the Masquerade and had the pleasure of chatting with the judges afterwards.  Those Judges were Alena, Laura, Michelle, and Mark of And Sewing Is Half The Battle.  Alena indicated that they were planning on competing in the masquerade at Gen Con the following weekend and that if I liked that convention, I would LOVE Gen Con.  I took her advice and I was hooked.

Since then, I have run into the team running masquerades, judging them, and competing in them from Chicago to Ohio and several places in bettween.  They are always running seminars to teach others what they know and perpetually offering help to bring others up to their level of artistry.  Their costumes are always impeccable and their performances entertaining.

So here they are for your viewing pleasure, the first of my video snippets from the Gen Con 2011 Masquerade.

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