The Finalists for the Gen Con 2011 Best of the Masquerade

Oh, if you think this costume was one of the finalists, well, no, it was cool but creepy and that is pretty much the award that this cosplayer was awarded as the creepiest costume in the show.

The finalists were a Batman that made an amazingly accurate Batman suit, a half-orc halfling, and a group of awesome War Hammer characters.

The audience was called upon to decide who, of the finalists, would take away the victory.  It was an impossibly close call based on the cheers for the different finalists and judges called upon the audience to stand as their vote for each.

The audience did so and chanted for their choice.

So, was it the beautiful, movie grade, Batman suit?  The cute half-Orc/Halfling?  or the beautiful Warhammer group that even included a woman in it?

Check out the ending and you may be surprised.  The judges certainly were!

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