A Funny Thing Happened on my way to Wizard World – Go! Daiko-Con!

When the week began I had every intention of being at Wizard World in Chicago this weekend.  Wizard World is a fun con and last year I met Mike Holman there.  I ran into Mike again at C2E2 and was really impressed that he not only recognized me, but remembered who I was and had been to my site.  After we chatted a bit he introduced me to Dave Fultz and John Tenney.

I mention these notable fellows (if you didn’t follow the links Dave and Mike are actors and John has been a researcher for television and is one of the cast on A&E’s Paranormal State: The New Class) as I was planning on seeing them at Wizard World until I gave Dave a call earlier this week and he told me that he and Mike Holman weren’t going but would be in Chicago next weekend for a big flea market.

I had been thinking that if it weren’t for wanting to see these friends I had wanted to go to Go! Daiko-Con after having met some of the Go! Daiko-Con at Shuto Con and, perhaps, elsewhere.

Suffice it to say I decided to hit Go! Daiko-Con and arrived at the end of the Masquerade when they were announcing the winners.

From there I shot some walkaround pics, sat in on Stefanie Shall’s Otakumals panel (Stephanie is the con chair of Shuto Con in Lansing) and then sat down to work on my pics.

And then things got creepy…

Very Creepy…

As I said, I sat down to work on my pics and had them set up to render for the net and was sitting there bored as the computer slowly worked its way through the pics.  So I got out my cell phone and texted John Tenney to ask if he was also going to be in Chicago next weekend.  He said he was and after a few exchanges where I told him I was at Go! Daiko-Con and asked him if he was at Wizard World, he asked if Go! Daiko-Con was at the met.   It is one of those things where in texting you get confused because you aren’t sure which question or comment they are replying to and you have to clarify.  He clarified by making a random appearance at Go! Daiko-Con.  Although he said he wasn’t actually here, I managed to get a few pics with him and some of the attendees (see the walkaround pics) to give positive proof of this Tenney siting.

We chatted a bit and then he left with a *POOF!* and a cloud of dust and I went on to the Eyeshine Meet and Greet.   Later Eyeshine had a concert wherein I felt a bit like Zacheus with no Sycamore tree and I jumped up and down with my camera on record to take a little video of the concert (that’s more story and I am sticking too it!  😉 which will explain why the video was so unsteady.  Before sitting down to write this I shot some video at the rave where Greg Ayers is the guest DJ.  I have heard about Greg being a great DJ but this was the first time I had the pleasure to see him up close and in action.

At this point it is 2:25 a.m. and the dance should be winding down for the night soon but there is still plenty more fun scheduled for tomorrow.  It looks like the first panel is Alexis at 9 a.m. with other panels on Dr. Who, Cosplay 201, Greg (assumably Greg Ayers which should be good!), Steampunk, Autograph sessions, Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart tournaments, and the Eyeshine Acoustic Concert (I saw it at Anime-ZING! in Iowa and it is GREAT!!!) is at 1 p.m.  If you can’t get up before noon wear your PJs to the concert and you probably won’t even raise an eyebrow.  Just get up and get there!  😉

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