To Err is Human. Two Ayres is a Party! – Fun at Go! Daiko-Con!

Please forgive me, dear reader, if the headline mislead you into believing that both Christopher and Greg Ayres were at Go! Daiko-Con! 2011.  I have had the opportunity to meet Christopher Ayres, and he is a fun and delightful gentleman but he wasn’t present.  Greg, on the other hand, was very much present at Go! Daiko-Con.

Earlier I mentioned, “At this point it is 2:25 a.m. and the dance should be winding down for the night soon but there is still plenty more fun scheduled for tomorrow.”  From what I had been told, the dance should have already been over at that point.

So, having posted my previous article on Go! Daiko-Con, I packed up my back-pack with a bit of video of the rave I had recorded earlier rendering in it.  As I wandered down the hall, closer and closer to the main events room, the Muzak slowly became overwhelmed by the strains of Mr. Ayres’ DJing.

When I entered the main events room, Mr. Ayres was still going away at it with an energy a five year old could envy.

So I decided to stick around and shoot a little more video.  As it happens, I stuck around until he had announced that it was the last song…  Two or three times…  According to my computer, the song that he seemed insistent would be the last of many last songs started at 3:19 a.m. According to Adobe (makers of the lovely video editing program that is currently rendering the last video that I took last night) and it was still going on with a number of dancers still going at it over 8 minutes later when I gave up on catching “the very final, this really is the last, last, last, last, last song of the night”,  shut down my camara and staggered out of the main events room.

As for me, I stopped for a caffeinated beverage at a gas station and fell into a time vortex and found myself with a warm beverage, still in the parking lot of the gas station at 9 a.m.  Currently I am stopped at a McDonalds between Detroit and Chicago trying to upload the first video I rendered of the rave and am on my way to Chicago to catch the last few minutes of Wizard World.

My final thoughts on the evening?  If they ever decide to give the Energizer Bunny a voice, I vote for Greg Ayres!

Take a look at the following videos and I think you will understand why!

Warning for Mom!  The following video contains some profanity.

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