$150,000,000.00??! – George Strayton Confirms Upcoming Gary Gygax Movie!

A few weeks back I had been reading up on a game, The Secret Fire, that was in the last legs of development and they were running a Kickstart campaign to get a few bucks together prior to printing. I read quite a bit about the system and tossed my weight in to support of it (that weight of support being about as powerful as a sneeze in a hurricane.)

In reading about the game I also noticed a few interesting comments from the creator, George Strayton, that led me to believe that he was writing the script for a movie about Dungeons and Dragons creator, Gary Gygax. I figured that an announcement about something like that would be made at Gen Con, the convention that proudly claims Gary Gygax as one of its founders.

I was looking forward to looking up Mr. Strayton at Gen Con and checking out his game and seeing what else I could learn and even have an interview if possible.  As it turns out, a series of unfortunate events prevented that from happening (for instance during the upgrade of my site the photo gallery got nuked and I had to reinstall it – so far I only have 10,000 or so pics up in the new photo gallery with many more to come.)

Sunday night I returned home from Gen Con having missed out on chatting with Mr. Strayton or Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment who I had also wanted to meet again (I had a nice long chat with Lloyd last year at Gen Con but he had already headed to the airport when I stopped by his booth on Sunday.)  All was not lost as I did pick up a copy of Lloyd’s new book, “Sell Your Own Damn Movie.”

I still got some good material and am still processing the video so don’t get me wrong, but I did want to see those two fine gentlemen.  By Wednesday of last week I had processed the bulk of my photos and had made a tiny dent in the video.  Wednesday night I also discovered that, in addition to taking out my photo gallery, the upgrade also killed my email on weirdreview.com so I wasn’t getting alerts to people joining the site or comments being made.  So I fixed the email and then I checked and saw that someone had joined the site and posted to The Secret Fire article I wrote a few weeks back.

The comment was as follows:

“You are correct in your assumptions.  No announcement was made (other than the mention on Gail’s FB site) because the deal with the big actor on board to play the lead hasn’t been signed (as the lawyers on both sides continue to try to outdo each other).  But a big announcement should be forthcoming as soon as we lock him in along with the director.  It’s very exciting as D&D has been a passion of mine since 1979 and I can’t wait to tell the REAL story that no one knows about yet (I couldn’t believe what I was reading — what we know about the creation of D&D was purposefully fictionalized by Gary to create one giant game that he wanted revealed after he passed — it’s pretty incredible).  Last thing I will (and am allowed to) say is that this will be a $150 million big-budget blockbuster film with a huge heart and millions of Easter eggs for gamers.  The story’s already written.  Just need all the pieces to fall into place so we can get the green light and start shooting!  Gary WILL live on!”

The source was GR Strayton.  That was one of those huge “Omigosh!!!” moments where I just stared and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Having confirmation that my previous inferences were correct gives me a bit of encouragement to go ahead and speculate on who this big actor they are waiting for could possibly be.

For $150 million I think they are going to get a real dragon for one.  Ok, maybe not a real one but I bet there will be CG or somesuch with a dragon or dragons.  That, of course, is not a star actor though so I will just hope on that one and suggest first who I think would be good in the role.

I am thinking that Jesse Eisenberg would be great in the role from his recent movies Facebook and Zombieland.  I think he would have great nerd appeal which is important in this role as he can play one of the most famous nerds of the century in Facebook and in Zombieland?  Well, he kills zombies!!!  (and Bill Murray but nobody’s perfect!)

Now that I have expressed my oppinion on who would be good I will set that aside and quote one of Mr. Strayton’s tweets from back in June.

“STILL waiting to hear if we made the deal with Bradley Cooper to star. And just finishing a treatment for Vin Diesel. Busy, but great week!”

Mr. Strayton has a movie that is in the works called Xombie and I would say that sounds like it is going to be a Zombie movie of sorts.  To be quite honest, I really don’t see Vin Diesel playing Gary Gygax, but could readily see him fighting Xombies.  From what I have seen of Bradley Cooper and pics of Gary Gygax, I could see Bradley Cooper as a younger Gary Gygax.  Vin Diesel I could see starring as a full time Xombie hunter.  Bradley?  Well, I just couldn’t see him as a full time Xombie hunter, but I could see him doing it in the evenings and on weekends with a table full of dice and metal figures arrayed in front of him.

At any rate, I am thinking Bradley Cooper will play Gary Gygax if he gets around to signing the contract.  On the other hand, if not, I vote for Jesse Eisenberg!

For more fun check out The Happy Problem which, as I discovered in reading his tweets, is George Strayton’s wife’s band.  I had The Happy Problem site up and was listening to it as I wrote this.  It really is fun music!  Also check out  my interview with Michael Kenworthy the actor from The Blob, Return of the Living Dead 2, Growing Pains and others.

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