A Paranormal Flea? A MUST SEE!

It has been an interesting year.  About this time last year I was at Wizard World in Chicago and met Mike Holman (from Jackass, Mountain Mafia, etc.)  I was oblivious as to who he was at the time but chatted with him and learned a bit about him,  I was impressed that he actually listened and seemed more interested in hearing about me than talking about his work.  I was even more impressed when, months later I ran into him at C2E2 and not only did he remember me, he had visited my website.

Mike took me and introduced me to Dave Fultz (hero of My Bloody Wedding, also in The Edison Death Machine, etc.), John Tenney (Paranormal investigator in Paranormal State: The New Class, and quite a brilliant conversationalist) and the rest of the cast of Paranormal State: The New Class.  Since then I have gotten to be pretty good friends with these three fellows.

I just read a tweet by T W Smith AKA @diamonddodge that referred to my site in his list of “the absolute best Paranormal Fan sites. @Weird_Review, @GHI_Fans, @Monster_Theory” (I will have to check out the other two!)  To be honest, I am honored but I didn’t know this was a paranormal fan site.  With Tenney (The Creepiest Man On Earth) as a friend I could say it is more of a paranormal friend site and Mike and Dave are more of a para abnormals (and I already can see Dave and Mike reading this.  Mike’s eyes will roll as he groans while Dave reads over his shoulder saying, “Hyuk, hyuk, that’s us alright!”)

You’re probably wondering by now what these fellows have to do with fleas, paranormal or not.  Well, I called Dave last week to see if he and Mike were going to be in Chicago for Wizard World last weekend.  He told me no but they were going to be there for a flea market this weekend.  I have to say I was honestly surprised when Dave told me he was skipping Wizard World for a Flea market and there isn’t much that Dave could say that could surprise me.

Saturday when I was processing photos at Go! Daiko-Con and was waiting for my software to finish so I could upload them I decided to shoot Tenney a text and see if he was at Wizard World.  We exchanged a few texts over the course of 15 minutes and he too surprised me when he said that he was outside having a cig.  I figured he was outside at Wizard World but no, like “He whose name shall not be uttered” he had popped over to where I was at the mention of his name and was waiting for me to come out and chat.  Again I was surprised he had skipped Wizard World and was going to a flea market in Chicago this weekend instead.

Let me insert here that I did go to Wizard World Sunday and I had a great time and met some awesome people.  I still find the thought odd to drive two states away to go to a flea market, but when Mr. Paranormal himself tells me that I should go to Chicago and go to this flea market, well, I put it on my calendar .

I skimmed over the Zurko Promotions site for Wheaton’s Legendary All Night Flea Market (4 p.m. to 4 a.m.!) a bit earlier this week and saw that they listed John and Mike on their website poster as well as others including Lou Ferigno and I thought it would be cool to meet Lou Ferigno so I was looking forward to this in addition to just getting together with friends.  As I have been writing this I made a discovery.  I didn’t scroll down far enough.  The page goes on forever.  Larry Thomas – The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, Harvey Scales – an incredible performer and song writer, Rex Steven Sikes – producer, director, actor, Mitzi Kapture – Baywatch and Silk Stalkings, Dr. Ivan Cryptosis – a must for the horror fans, Robert Z’Dar – from Tango & Cash” & “Maniac Cop”, Ari Lehman and his band First Jason – Ari was, of course, the First Jason, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson – professional football player, actor, director, and producer…

The list goes and and I am going to let you, dear reader, read it and hope those that I didn’t mention will forgive me as it is a great crew.  I can already hear the shouts, “No!  Please tell us more!”  Ok, one more and if I didn’t mention Michelle Shields she would probably slap me silly anyhow.  I met her at Days of the Dead last month and she is gorgeous and sweet.  Oh and yeah, she has been in a few more movies than John, Dave, and Mike combined and she’s gorgeous!  And she is in a comic book and is a fun person to talk to, and, did I mention that she is gorgeous?

I really don’t question that Mike Holman and John Tenney deserve to be up at the top while I didn’t even notice Michelle was going to be there until I scrolled two thirds of the way down.  After all, one must respect their elders and place age before beauty.

So check out the website for the flea market and if you are within a couple states radius like me, head on over to Chicago.  The First Jason Band, Harvey Scales and others will be performing, there will be beautiful women including Kayla Perkins, the DuPage Derby Dames, Seka, Cathy St. George, Miss Foozie, Ax and Smash (WWF Tag Team wrestlers, not beautiful women!  Please don’t hurt me!), Art Baltazar – New York Times Best Selling, 2 time Eisner award winning Famous Cartoonist for Tiny Titans and Green Lantern Adventures, Creator of Patrick the Wolf Boy and Disneys Gorilla Gorilla (geeze!  Have they been adding to this list while I was writing???)  It looks to be the most amazing flea market I have ever run across!

(No Paranormals or abnormals were harmed in the writing of this article.  I read it over the phone to John Tenney who got a few chuckles and then called Mike and Dave who are already in Chicago and, from what I could gather, looking for food.)

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