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 A while back I was the Assistant to the award winning New Orleans Mardi Gras, Jazzfest, and cultural photographer, Syndey Byrd.  I don’t mean to brag as she won the awards, not me, but while working for Syndey she got requests from an artist for photos of specific musicians in specific positions to use as photo references for his artwork.  I spent days looking through tens of thousands of her photos to fill his request.  In the process I saw the faces of many great Jazz, Blues, Rock, Soul and other artists.

This past weekend at The All Night Flea Market in Wheaton, Illinois, as I looked around I saw some old, familiar faces. 

Harvey Scales was singing, Kenny Walker on the Sax, Rudy Jacobs on the guitar, and, sadly I didn’t get names of the rest but their faces play at the edges of my memory.

Harvey Scales is a legendary song writer and performer whose songs have been sung and played by many other legends of music.  His song Disco Lady became the first single ever to go platinum (selling over two million copies.)  Rudy goes back over 40 years playing lead guitar with Harvey, and Kenny Walker is a saxophonist with a long history of playing many venues with many of the greats including, over the 4th of July 2011 with Little Richard at the White House.  Kenny also spent over a decade touring Asia with his brother Donald and wanted to put in a word for Donald’s book, The Unknown Musician

The first interview is with Kenny before the concert while they were setting up.  The second interview is with Harvey and it is the interview that almost wasn’t.  Multiple mishaps tripped us up while we were trying to get this interview in from missing apparel to telephone calls to Dr. Ivan Cryptosis needing to use the room to change while we were shooting the interview.  As such it I was afraid it would be disjointed but bearing in mind the complications, I think viewers will enjoy hearing some fascinating bits of history as told by these two amazing musicians.  The interview with Harvey is in a different format as I had to use Vimeo to house the interview due to it being oversized (too long of a duration) for youtube.  Enjoy the interviews and post some comments to let me know what you think!


Legendary Song Writer and Singer – Harvey Scales from Weird Review on Vimeo.

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