An Interview with Dr. Ivan Cryptosis with an Unsolicited Cameo by Mike Holman


Last weekend I had the privilege of chatting with Dr. Ivan Cryptosis and his faithful assistant, Professor Varnus Lupescu.  Dr. Cryptosis hosted the event and is a frequent guest at horror conventions and other Kooky Spooky events (any event with the Doc. is a Kooky Spooky event!)  Professor Lupescu was originally his father’s and was a farmboy in his youth and now, after years of studies and hard work, he enjoys the stature that the title provides to many other dummies.

In addition to the dummy to his left, the good Dr. had Mike Holman of Jackass fame to his right.  Mike willingly provided an unsolicited cameo for the Drs. interview (i.e. he kept popping in and it was easier to leave him in than edit him out!)  While I may have just implied that Mike and and Professor Varnus Lupescu of like mind (or rather mindlessness), Mike truly is no dummy and is, indeed, an intelligent and talented actor and made it difficult to keep my camera from shaking with laughter as I chatted with Dr. Cryptosis.


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