Poutine the Fun in Travel On Route to Toronto!

I love to travel and big part of the fun in traveling is meeting new people.   Another big part of the fun in traveling is trying different foods and you never know where you will run into something great.

For instance, I was spoiled for Mexican food when I was at Mexico.  I did a little travel with a missionary friend who took me to some very remote (to me though he sometimes will park his car and backpack a few hours!) places.  In a little village we visited a Baptist pastor who lived in a cinder block house with a dirt floor.  His wife was doing some cooking while we chatted and made us some Mexican food (there they just call it food, oddly enough!) and it was the most amazingly delicious Mexican food I had ever had and the salsa she made was fit for kings.

On my was to Toronto tonight I stopped at the “On Route” Service Plaza (in the US we call them “Rest areas”) on East bound 401 just west of Woodstock.  I had been to the New York Fries place there a few weeks back when I went to Con Bravo! a few weeks back and the fries were delicious and had to have more.

Tyler, Eric, and Nick at the New York Fries in the East Bound 401 Service Plaza in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

The manager came out as they were about to close and suggested that I take one of their hot dogs with me.  The hot dogs aren’t the anemic kind you so frequently see.  These are about the thickness of a loonie coin (the Canadian $1 coin) is in diameter and they serve them on a hot dog bun that would be better called a bread roll as it isn’t one of the fluffy, fall apart ones  you’d get at 7/11 or most any other quick dog place.  They didn’t just stop there though, the made me a poutine dog.

For those that aren’t familiar with Poutine, it is a French Fry dish they serve in Canada.  The New York Fry company makes the nice fry of the sort that, even if you never saw its parents you would know it was descended from potatos.  To make poutine they take cheese curds and put them onthe fries and then pour hot gravy over them so the cheese is melty and delicious.

To make a poutine dog they cut the bread roll then load the bottom of the bun with cheese curd and then steam it to make it melty.  Then they lay the hot dog on the bed of melty cheese and slather it with gravy.  Ketchup, Mustard, and Pickle would be extraeous in this lovely concoction.  The result is a delicious hot dog in a bed of melty cheese that makes your tongue want to dance in it.

When I returned with my camera Tyler asked me, “Did you talk to Chelsea a few weeks back?” and indeed I had.  I liked their fries so much I had to stop for more!

Speaking of Mustard, earlier in the day I had stopped in Jackson for a few minutes to take a few pictures at the Jackson Civil War Muster.  Again, as in Hastings a few weeks back, the North and South have mustered their troops and are reenacting Battle of Bethel Church, Virginia.

They have cavalry, canons, and infantry bristling with bayonette tipped rifles, but it was a hot day so you couldn’t blame some of the guys for pulling up a piece of shade.

There were also beautiful belles in beautiful period dresses.

Not to miss an important point, but there were also swordsmen in the ranks and the battle was intense.

And after the battle?  The relaxation was also in tents.  So, if you are in the Jackson, Michigan area this Sunday muster up your family and head over to Jackson and experience history in a new and amazing way!

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