Interviews with Michelle Shields and Dave Fultz and an Important Message

Michelle Shields is a lovely actress who has been in more movies than I can count without taking off my shoes and has more in the works including Bride of Frankenstein coming out this fall.

Michelle also is asking for our help with a role she is trying to get that is based on popular votes and posted the following on my Facebook Fan Page that a fan (it was a shock to find out I had a fan!) set up for me.

“I have an opportunity to appear on AMCs MADMEN but I need votes!
I’ve moved up to #26 out of 5,351 entries! Please help me reach the next bench mark, the top 20:)
You can vote once per day so please vote everyday and ask all your FB friends to help also:) Thanks:)

So please, if you could hit the link and give Michelle a vote once/day and then post a comment here or on my facebook fan page it would be great for her and it would let me know you are listening.

Thanks so much in advance!

During my interview with Michelle, she mentioned she would love to work with Jerry Lewis.  While I have no control over Mr. Lewis’ schedule, I do have a friend who is almosts as goofy…  Well, maybe more goofy, not to mention dopey, and a few other disney characters rolled into…  Well, I really haven’t figured that out.  Nonetheless, her comment inspired me to put the interview with Dave into the same post as the interview with Michelle, much in the way a friend of mine made grilled peanut butter and bacon sandwiches when he invited me over for dinner.  It was a really weird combination but somehow it seemed right at the time.  Anyhow, without any further ado, here are interviews with the lovely actress, Michelle Shields, and the not so lovely but definitely funny Dave Fultz!

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  1. EXCELLENT! I knew I could count on you! 🙂 Don’t forget you can vote every day!

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