Millie Brawls and the Dupage Derby Dames Will Knock You Off Your Feet!

Millie Brawls and the Dupage Derby Dames!

The Dupage Derby Dames are the Premiere Team all female flat track roller derby team of the Western Chicago suburbs.  They are pretty new on the Roller Derby circuit being only a year old, but have a lot of heart and ambition.

If you have never seen Roller Derby before, the game is played on a roller rink or other really hard, flat surface (a cement floor is legal and hurts like heck!)  They have Jammers that have a big star on their helmet (though I think a few concentric circles with a dot in the middle or a kick me sign would also suffice!) to identify them as such, but mostly the team is composed of blockers.

In a sense it is sort of a race as the Jammers are racing to get past the opposing teams Blockers.

After the initial pass, the Jammers score a point for each opposing Blocker that they pass.

Unlike most races, however, the person you are racing to pass isn’t called a Blocker and that with good reason.

Blocking a Jammer’s pass in Roller Derby is the main goal of the blockers and they are aloud to be very rough about it.

They are not allowed to hit the Jammer, well, at lead not in the face, forearms, back or legs, but hips, to the shoulders in front?  All fair game.

I don’t know of any men’s sport where there are rules to protect them where the groin is fair game but in Roller Derby its fair play.

Its definitely a sport I would pass on playing, but if you want to vicariously release your roller rage check out Millie and the other ladies of the DuPage Derby Dames!

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