Adventures in Canada!

It was a whirlwind trip but I am back, safe and sound, more or less.  The most important aspect of the trip was I got to see my friends the Zombie King and the Zombie Queen.  Not just for the obvious reasons (making alliances for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse! 😉 but they are friends of mine that I have known for a couple years through Gen Con.  The Zombie Queen is one of the people that runs the Press Room at Gen Con (Gen Con has the most amazing press staff and press room of any convention I have covered!)

The Zombie King runs security in Gen Con’s huge exhibition hall (or as Ed Douglas of Midnight Syndicate films – I should be posting an interview with Ed later this week) put it earlier today, “He rides around on a cart.”)

On my way back across the boarder I got a few funny looks from Customs as I had picked up some merchandise from them and had to declare 2 Zombie Snack miniature brains and a bottle of Zombie Plague Preventative Hand Sanitizer.

After looking at my Zombie Snacks and such he accepted my explanation and I was off on my way again.

While in Canada I got some great photos and great video including with Lloyd Kaufman and one of his many admirers.

I also ran into a Canadian documentarian of all things geek who was incognito but I saw through his devious disguise (I didn’t believe for a minute that he was one of those Imperial Walkers!)

And then there were a couple of the designers of the computer video game Hegemony.  Neat guys and the game looks AWESOME!  They gave me a test copy and did a little demo so more to come!

All in all it was a fun day and under the shadow of the CN Tower.  There’s more to come from my weekend jaunt to Canada but while waiting, pop over to my photo album and peruse the pics from today’s adventure!

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