Rick Yorgason Demonstrates Hegemony the Video Game!

I stopped and took a pic because of the costume Rick Yorgason of Longbow Games, was wearing.  I stayed and stared because of the awesome game he was playing.

I have played turn based games and I have played real time games but I have never seen a game that was real time but allows you to issue orders to your troops while you are paused.

Being a little slower on the mouse speed than some I have always found real time based games to be too dexterity based for me (as sad as it is to admit, my arthritic, 70+ mother can beat me in games of speed and dexterity!) and preferred turn based games as strategy is more important than clicking it right and going to exactly where I intended as fast as I needed to do it to win.

When I was watching Rick play the game I thought it was amazing that you could pause it and keep issuing orders while it was paused.  The animation of the armies was also very cool and one of the neatest features is that there is no loading maps between moves.  The map is where the action happens.  You can zoom out, move to another section and then zoom back in but it is all on the same map.

Take a look at Rick’s demonstration of the game and then check out the Longbow Games site for more information!

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