Talking with Tights and Fights at the Toronto Fan Expo!


The Evil Trojan Borscht and Captain Euchre – Scott Albert and The Plumber – Scott Watkins

Sunday evening at the Toronto Fan Expo I was heading back to my car to drive back to the U.S., when a fellow named Scott handed me a colorful business card as I was walking out the door.

I laughed at the title “Tights and Fights” and had to ask him what it was about…  and so it was that I was suckered into, er, I mean, drawn into and extended conversation with Scott, another Scott, and another fellow who claimed the name Christopher Guest (but not that one!)

Being one who enjoys a good (or good bad) superhero story, I was compelled to listen to the gentleman give me a quick synopsis of the show.  I found it intriguing and asked if he would mind doing a quick interview.  To be perfectly honest, the theme and characters made me think of Suburban Heros, except really more what Suburban Heros could be if they had a budget.

Not only did Scott not mind, he brought another Scott along for the interview (and, I think, so that I was outnumbered and couldn’t escape!)

The Plumber – Scott Watkins and the Director – Christopher Guest

During the interview you may notice that the Scott on the right seems to teleport into the chair on the left and another person randomly appears but I am convinced that morphing is also one of their super powers and the Scott on the left morphed into the one on the right and the one on the right morphed into Christopher Guest!

Check out the interview and then check out their site.  These guys are AWESOME!  (Just ask them!)

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