Dark Rising – The Interview

Brigitte Kingsley, Julia Schneider, and Kyle Buchanan of the Dark Rising Series

I was chatting with a fellow about a movie and waiting for the director to show up so I could do an interview.  Thinking back I can’t even remember the name of the movie as a beautiful woman walked up and started chatting with the fellow.  Her face was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it and I said so in my own, bumbling sort of way, “Pardon me Miss but you look familiar.  Why should I know you?” but sometimes it pays to admit you’re clueless.

Brigitte was very sweet about it and told me about her movies and her television show, The Savage Tales of Summer Vale on Canada’s Super Channel.  Brigitte plays Summer Vale, a Warrior Princess who swings a battle axe and is a slayer of demons and guardian of worlds.  She is also the most drop dead gorgeous women that has ever honored me with an invitation to come by their booth when I finished up with the interview with the director.

I had already been waiting for 10-15 minutes and so, when Brigitte was ready to head back to her booth, I appologized to the fellow I had been waiting with and accepted an escort back to Brigitte’s booth.  When we arrived at her booth I realized I  had walked past it earlier and it had posters of Brigitte all over (thus explaining why she looked familiar!) and, to my pleasant surprise, there was another lovely lady named Julia waiting for Brigitte’s return.

After chatting with them for a bit (oh yes, and there was a nice fellow named Kyle!  I will leave it to others to comment on whether he is gorgeous or not.) I did an interview with cast members Brigitte Kingsley, Julia Schneider, and Kyle Buchanan of the Dark Rising movie and Television series.

Kyle is new to the series as of the second movie while Brigitte and Julia have been in it from the start.  While Brigitte plays the heroine/warrior princess, Julia is the one who inadvertently opens the portal that sucks Brigitte into our world via a magic tome.  So far I have only watched the first movie (more on that later but suffice it to say, I liked it!) and will be writing more after I watch the second movie.

So, while waiting (desperately I’m sure!) for me to tell you more about the movies, check out the interview with this delightful trio and learn Brigitte’s deepest, darkest secret about the towel she has had since she was 12 and wardrobe dangers in filming, Julia’s secret mneumonic enhancer, and from Kyle?  Hmmm…  Maybe I only dreamt there was a Kyle.

After you watch the interview, check out their site www.darkrisingworld.com and pick up copies of the movies via i-tunes or Amazon!

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