The Dead Matter – An Interview with Ed Douglas

Writer, Director, Composer, and Musician Ed Douglas

When I stopped to chat with Ed Douglas he seemed a quiet, pleasant fellow.  Rather laid back and unassumming.  I had stood and watched the video exerpt from his movie a couple times through as we chatted.

The first thing that had caught my attention was the music playing as I was wandering through the convention center.  It had a variety of styles and tempos but was all rather decidedly of the horror genre.  While I had stopped to check out Ed’s booth because of the music I had been drawn further into the video clips that had been playing.

Tom Savini, star of The Dead Matter, in Toronto

Featured in the clips were Andrew Divoff, Tom Savini, and last but not least, Jason Carter, one of my favorites off of Babylon 5.

Andrew Divoff plays a vampire out to garner greater power, Mr. Savini is a Drug Lord/Mafioso, and Jason Carter is a slayer vampires, undead, and the generally nasty paranormal beasties.  Toss in a beautiful woman with an arcane talisman of evil and a happy, soap eating zombie and you have the makings of a pretty darned good movie but more on that at a later time (I will be doing a review on The Dead Matter, the Dark Rising movies, Tights and Fights and Lloyd Kaufman’s Sell Your Own Damn Movie when I finish Lloyd’s most excellent book!)

For now suffice it to say the movie was very well done and it comes as a three disk set with the movie on DVD and two music CDs.  I have listened to the soundtrack of the movie and the additional Dead Matter CD over and over while driving to and from the office and well worth the price of about $20 on Amazon and I believe that is also the price Ed was selling them at.

As you watch the interview I did with Ed I suspect that you will be as impressed as I was with his modesty as I drag out of him the depth of his involvment in the movie.

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