The Circus Exploded into Grand Rapids for their 200th Aniversary

The Ringling Brothers, Barnum, and Bailey Circus Exploded into town today with beautiful women dancing, clowns cavorting, jugglers juggling, melodious music, lights blazing, and sparks flying.

Prior to the show, the audience members can come down and watch the performers up close and even get to participate in some of the activities and get pictures taken with some of the entertainers.

Beautiful costumes abounded with the cast coming in a wide (or in this case tall) variety of sizes and colors.

There were even stations set up where the circus stars would give the kids temporary tattoos and they even had little costumes.

After the preshow wound down and they cleared the floor, the show begain in earnest with the full cast singing, dancing, tumbling, and even riding Segways modified to look like mini chariots.

The aerial acts were phenomenal from the ladies on the rings, to the trampoline jumpers, to those dangling from ropes or riding a motorcycle on the high wire with a beautiful woman suspended beneath, to the trapeze artists and that just is a begining of the list of all the acts they had.

The show is produced by Nicole and Alana Feld and writen by Bradley Zweig. I love the flow of the show that runs from theme to theme and performer to performer with a loose but cohesive stream of events. The show seems to touch on topics to please folks of every taste.

For the comic fans there are representative heros from D.C., Marvel, Dark Horse with Batman, Iron Man (with a real iron! I wondered how Tony Stark always looked so neat!), Cat Woman, Zorro, Spiderman, and several others played by clowns on the ground which shifted into heros on the fly as men and women in tights and capes flew through the air.

The old west had its moment and later when it looked like folks were going to walk like an Egyption the Cleopatra clad crew encountered a Caribean cache. Touching the treasure trove triggered temporal twists.

After the wave of pirates shipped out more merriment ensued. All in all it was a whirlwind of continuous entertainment with act after act performing in flawless rythim and made for an amazing evening of entertainment. So if you are in Western Michigan, head over to the Van Andel Arena this weekend and if not, check out their website and catch the circus train when it is in your area!

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