A Very Laid Back Interview with Ben Hansen From Syfy’s Fact or Faked!

One of the difficulties in covering the wide variety of events that I have been covering is that it is difficult to be familiar with everything and everyone that is a celebrity in a particular area.  Some are easy to pick out as they have a have a unique quality that identifies them.  For instance, who could hear the voice of James Earl Jones or Sean Connery and not immediately pay attention.  There are also some whose egos are almost a psychic phenomenon in itself and you are alerted to look around when you feel that brush of their presence from a distance.

As I observed Ben (from The Syfy channel’s Fact or Faked?) interact with his fans I was simply impressed with his sweet disposition, his focus on his fans, his kindness, and that he didn’t really have the appearance of someone that was promotiing a show.  He seemed more like someone who was at a good party and was just hanging with friends and having a good time.

Sometimes I walk away from an interview feeling so honored to have met the person, let alone having spoken with them, but Ben is a humble, mild mannered man and a pleasant conversationalist and I just really felt welcomed to chat with him and it was just plain fun.  The only problem was finding a lull in the stream of fans flowing through to chat with him!

 I hope you will enjoy his thoughts as much as I did.

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