An Interview with the Scream Park Crew in Lexington, Kentucky



The Scarefest had wound down and was emptying out yesterday and before I left I wanted to pay my respects to David Fultz and maybe pick up a copy of The Edison Death Machine so I was wondering around nearly empty halls when I saw ahead a large congregation of zombies.

So, of course, I had to go and investigate.  I had seen several zombies over the course of the weekend but this was the largest gathering I had yet observed.

The zombies of The Scream Park were assembled and milling around without sufficient supervision so I herded them and their makeup artist and one of the co-owners of The Scream Park over to where I could make them do my bidding, namely, have an interview with me.

I should point out that with zombies the old saying, “You only want what you cannot have” is so true.  Of course zombies want working brains so don’t be surprised it the zombies in the video are short on attention span or even seem entirely oblivious to the camera’s presence except when I speak to them directly and touch the little remaining humanity left in them.

It was a harrowing ordeal to be amidst these beings of rotting flesh, but for you, dear reader, I risked this pack of unnatural creatures so you could take a few moments of pleasure in observing the creatures and see their puppet master in the flesh.

The creatures are, of course, slow of wit and, as such, their puppet master had been needing to yell all weekend in order for his commands to penetrate to the little remaining of their minds and had nearly lost his voice.

Be then forwarned that the video below contains creatures of the night who have been brought into the daylight and paraded before my lens for your entertainment.

It shall not be a pretty site (except for the girls who were pretty cute!  😉

If you like a good scare, the folks at The Scream Park promise to do their best to welcome you with a smile and see to it that your bladder is empty by the time you leave.

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