Shriekfest 2011 – A Very Scary Weekend of Fun!

And the winner is? The Audience!

Last weekend when I did the interview with the zombie crew from Scream Park in Lexington, Kentucky they told me it was the pinnacle of success when a visitor to the park admitted to peeing their pants.  During their first season alone they had 78+ people pee their pants and they had contemplated selling Depends with their logo on them.

After sitting through a couple days worth of amazing Sci Fi and Horror movies I find it surprising they don’t have the seats the Chaplin Theater encased in plastic.

I have pretty calm nerves but I have to admit I jumped several times during the shows.  By the end of the festival I lost count of how many times I had jumped during a movie.  I do remember what the last event that had me jumping in my seat.

It was during the last movie, Absentia, and I think I had just become conditioned to jumping at the right note.  The music built up to a suspenseful tone and then the sharp, dissonate sound that signaled the monsters attack sounded and I jumped as I was expecting the frame to suddenly change to that of the monster.

Instead the screen went black and I stared, waiting for the monster but the black screen endured until it was apparent that the character that was on focus at that moment was now dead or unconscious and the scene shifted.

I laughed and thought, “Well, that was kind of lame for me to be jumping to a black screen” but I also laughed a nervous laugh and had to admit they had played me well to get me to the point I was jumping for a black screen.

As I write this I have a few videos I have ready to upload and one is overtaxing the wireless at my hotel but soon I will have video from the awards ceremony and from some interviews I shot during the festival up.

So check them out when they’re up and you can start writing your “To View” list for the coming year.

All in all I met some fun people, saw some great movies, and had a thriller of a good time!

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