Isle of Dogs – More Twists than a Barb Wire Fence!

This evening, on my flight back from the Shriekfest in Hollywood, California, I had the pleasure sitting with a young Marine Lance Corporal named Chris.

We got talking about movies and he said he liked the gory, horror/suspense genre and if you tossed in a beautiful woman or two he was ready to sign up for it.

I pulled out a copy of The Shriekfest program and went over several of the movies for him to add to his “must see” list for 2012.  The list included, of course, Isle of Dogs.

The Shriekfest program describes the movie by saying, “London Crime-Boss Darius Deel discovers his trophy wife Nadia is having an affair.  He hunts down her lover, Riley, and a bloody, deadly game begins.”

The bulk of the discription covers the first five minutes and the rest of the movie is the bloody, deadly game.

Every time I thought I knew where the plot was headed my head would spin as the plot twisted in another direction to evade my expectations of the movie (and in doing so it exceeded my expectations!)

The movie is well scripted, acted and in a beautiful setting and took the film festival’s Best Thriller award.

Just before the awards ceremony I had the chance for a very brief interview with the Executive Producer/Director, Tammi Sutton.

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