Awesome and Creepy Freebies!


As I was sitting down to write an article to go with the video of the Shriekfest Awards Ceremony I shot I noticed that John Tenney is giving away a free Tshirt or bar of soap for whoever guesses which card in a pic has his initials on the back and Pop Haydn is giving away a cool Pop for President Campaign Kit.

Tenney is a well known paranormal researcher and has been involved as a researcher for television and, more recently, was on the Arts and Entertainment program Paranormal State: The New Class and prides himself on being creepy (though I don’t find him creepy at all.  He is actually quite an intelligent conversationalist and an entertaining fellow.)

Pop is an amazing performer and six time winner of Magician of the Year as well as current Vice President at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.  Pop is AWESOME!

John Tenney is doing a giveaway if you can guess which card has his initials – and Pop Haydn is giving a free Pop Haydn for President campaign kit!  Pop says that, if elected, “I promise you I will never lie to the American people without a really, really good reason.”

Pop is Awesome!  Tenney is creepy!  Go to their sites and get their freebies if they are still there!  (I wore my Pop Haydn campaign pin when I was in Hollywood at the Shriek Fest part of the time this weekend.  😉

I tweeted their links and posted them on my Face Book page and now I see that Tenny has shortened his contest to end in 6 minutes so hurry and Pop’s offer doesn’t look to disappear quite so fast but you never know with a magician so hurry!  😉

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