Shriekfest 2011 Hollywood’s Sci Fi and Horror Film Festival – and the Winner is???

I just got back from Shriekfest film festival in Hollywood, California.  It was held in the Hollywood Studio of Raleigh Studios in the Charlie Chaplain Theater.


The Beautiful Chaplain Theater at Releigh Studios in Hollywood, California

The theater was gorgeous with 150 comfy seats and I sat in the front row for the entire event.  It was AWESOME!

Denise Gossett, Founder and Director of The Shriek Fest

I spoke to Denise Gossett the founder and director of Shriekfest. They get a huge number of submissions for the festival and pick the best of the best.  She said that after the festival you can pretty much expect all the feature length movies shown will be picked up by distributors. One, The Hike, announced they had just been signed by Lions Gate as the movie was about to play.

The Winners of the various awards at the Shriek Fest 2011

I shot video of the awards ceremony so you can see the people who are behind some of the films you can look forward to seeing in 2012.  The list of categories and winners is below the video for those who want to peek ahead.


Best Horror Feature Film: Absentia
Best SciFi Feature Film: Pig
Best Supernatural Feature Film: The Dead Inside
Best Thriller Feature Film: Isle of Dogs
Best Super Short Film: Certified
Best Short Film: Negative Image
Best Horror Feature Screenplay: Shut In
Best SciFi Feature Screenplay: Time Wreck
Best Short Screenplay: Hear No Evil
Best Webisode: “31” the series
Best Original Song: To All The Youth
Best Under 18 Film: Molly and the Masked Storm

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