Mimesis Creator, Director, and Producer, Douglas Schulze at the US Premiere

Douglas Schulze of Mimesis was overwhelmed with excitement when we asked to interview him!

Friday night a spotlight shone as a guiding beacon in Port Huron, Michigan leading the weary travelers from distant Grand Rapids (namely Loyd, Jim, and I) to the US Premiere of the movie Mimesis.

Preparing for the interview - Photos by Loyd

I will tell more about the movie later (it was a fun flick!) but I wanted to get an interview with the director, Douglas Schulze, on before he changes his mind!

Mr. Schulze is the CEO at The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan and the Creator, Director, and Producer of Mimesis and I had the pleasure of sitting down with him after the movie and chatting with him a bit about its creation and got some insight on where he is going from here with Mimesis and its future sequels.

Without further ado, The Weird Review presents an interview with Douglas Schulze!

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