Halloween Costume Contest

After having a few people express that a Halloween Costume Contest would be fun, I decided to go ahead with it.

Here are the current entries!

To enter:

Send 3 photos of youself in your costume to contests@weirdreview.com with a photo showing the front of the costume, one showing the back of the costume would be good as I like seeing the backs of costumes but if I held to that I would have to pretty much disqualify most of the entries as they haven’t been sending the back images so a front display of the costume and 2 additional poses is acceptable (see below.)

1) Front

2) Back (or an additional pose)

3) A pose

As you can see from the examples, the front and back (preferred but an additional pose is acceptible) images don’t have to be just straight on shots but they need to show the full costume.  Similarly, the posed pic doesn’t have to show the entire costume as that was the purpose of the first two.  Have fun with it and be creative as that is what it is all about!

In the email include your name, age (if under 18 I will need parental permission to post your photos for the contest) and the name and contact information for the photographer. I may have a prize for the best costume and one for the best photography.

I will post the photos in a Halloween Contest photo album on weirdreview.com and the top 10 entries will be based on the number of views they receive per day so someone who enters now will have the total hits divided by the number of days their image was up. If the contest last 20 days and they receive 200 views that is a score of 10 (200 views/1o days = 10 views/day.) If someone enters on the 19th day and gets 200 views that is a score of 100 (200 views/2 days = 200 views/day.) This is subject to change if necessary.

The top ten sets will be posted on my site in the articles section and the site members will be allowed to vote on the top ten to determine the first through third place winners.  The site members will also vote on the best photographer and they may split their vote to vote for one for best costume and another for best photographer so winning best photographer doesn’t guarantee that the costume was best and vice versa.  Again this is subject to change if necessary (but so far the big change just added prizes for he photographers too.  Change can be good! 😉

I was asked if you may enter more than one costume. You may enter one set/week. The first week ends Sunday October 23 at Midnight Eastern time, the second week ends Midnight Sunday October 30th, and the last week (Halloween week) ends Midnight Sunday November 6th. Again, this is subject to change if I am overwhelmed with entries so get your entries in now as I may have to cut it off later.

The contest is mainly just for fun but I am throwing in a prize for the top three costumes and photographers:

1st Place Costume $25

2nd Place Costume $15

3rd Place Costume $10

Similarly for the Photographers

1st Place Photographer $25

2nd Place Photographer $15

3rd Place Photographer $10

The prizes will be awarded via paypal (in a previous contest I learned that I have readers in Australia as it cost me $15 to send a photo to a woman there! 🙂

So, Important dates for this contest:

10/23/2011 Midnight EST Deadline for first set if you are going to enter 3 costumes.

10/30/2011 Midnight EST Deadline for set two if you are going to enter multiple costumes.

11/6/2001 Midnight EST Deadline for entering the costume contest.

The top ten will then be posted in an article where site members (site membership is free) can vote on the costumes in the comment section.

Have fun and Happy Halloween everyone!

(Note: the rules and dates may be updated if necessary.)

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