The Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival is a Hit!

The Thriller Chiller Film Festival at the Wealthy Street Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tonight in Grand Rapids the crowds cheered, clapped and shouted at their favorite directors and actors at the Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival on Wealthy Street.

A number of shorts and full length movies played including locally directed and produced films like the award winning short, The Girl with Blue Eyes (see trailer below!)  The Girl with Blue Eyes was made as a contest entry for the Project Twenty1 movie contest.  Project Twenty1 is a 21-day film competition that is part of the Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival. The participants in the movie included staff of the Thriller! Chiller! film festival such as Anthony Griffin directing and his wife, Shirley Clemens acting. For the contest they are given a common element to start with and given twenty on days to complete it.  In Philly it took the award for for the best director.

Ryan Lieske presented his paranormal suspense thriller, Down to Sleep.  Down to Sleep was an interesting, strange, at times pretty darn well twisted, little show that had some of the best acting I have seen to come out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Watch the trailer and catch the video if you can but be forwarned, the movie does contain mature language, violence, and graphic scenes of dead goldfish!

Another video short showcased at Thriller! Chiller! is based on a local indie comic/graphic novel is Spat.  It was produced by Daniel Vandermolen and directed by West Michigan filmmaker Courtland Tell. This little zombie thriller centers around a lovers spat. Being a short and written and produced to introduce a graphic novel, it left me with more questions than answers, but that is good as it made me want to take a look at the graphic novel that it is based on. Unfortunately, it isn’t out yet. So check out the trailer for Spat, a teaser for a teaser for a graphic novel.

Speaking of teasers, I met a lovely waitress a few weeks back as I was working on an article and having dinner.  She told me about a movie her boyfriend was working on called Dirty Bomb.  I watched the trailer and was impressed.  I saw local sites (including Destination 1111, a local hot spot of creativity!) in what appears to be a very well done action thriller.  Last night I saw the trailer again and had to pull it up for your viewing pleasure.  So here’s, Dirty Bomb, another one I am looking forward to seeing more of soon!

Last but not least, I was lucky enough to chat with Mark Stolaroff last night. Mark is producer of the award winning Sci Fi Thriller Pig! I first saw Pig at Shriekfest in Hollywood, Ca a few weeks back and when I found he was at Thriller! Chiller! I had to catch up with Mark for a little interview. Mark is a fascinating fellow and we chatted so long that we almost didn’t get the interview in. Fortunately I groveled and begged for a few more minutes to do the interview and got it in quick before the kicked us out into the street and where Mark, Anthony (see above – the director of The Girl with Blue Eyes) and I continued to chat. Later today Mark will be presenting a seminar on making a low budget movie and his movie, Pig will be showing so if you’re in the area it is a definite “Must See!” Get down to the Wealthy Theater and watch the movie and meet the producer or, if you aren’t in the area, check out the interview!

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