The Big Bad Interview with Jessi Gotta and Bryan Enk

Tonight it was my pleasure to watch the new horror thriller, Big Bad at Grand Rapids Thriller! Chiller! film festival.  The title is a cute reference to the old fairy tale of little red riding hood and the wolf, but the movie is anything but cute.  Jessi Gotta and Bryan Enk co-produced the movie and Jessi wrote and starred in it.

Right after viewing the movie I caught up with Jessi and Bryan and asked them if I could do an interview with them.  Jessi looked at me with an expression that gave me the impression that she hadn’t a clue why I would want to interview her.  Beside the obvious fact that she is a gorgeous, talented actor, quite simply, I wanted to get in interviews with the winners if I could.  From watching the flick I was expecting to see them receiving one of the top awards and they didn’t disappoint me.

If it were my responsibility to pick someone to play a sweet, innocent little red riding hood to play opposite a big bad wolf, Jessi would be the clear choice.  In person Jessi is sweet, cute, cuddly – just plain adorable.  On the screen she is a name taking, butt kicking, ball of fire who takes it hard and blasts it back harder. The contrast between the two can only be attributed to her excellent acting skills but I have to wonder, when was she doing her acting?

When I sat down to watch Big Bad I was really tired from being up working on my interview with Mark Stalaroff until about 5 a.m. and picked Big Bad since I had already seen Absentia which was playing in the big theater.  I thought, worst case, I would wake up when the lights came on, just in time for the questions and answers.

The first few minutes of the movie are set up with two women in a bar chatting, dealing with anger issues, and becoming friends.  All well and good but potentially sleepable (when I am tired I can sleep through anything!  At Days of the Dead down in Indianapolis I shared my extra bed with Dave Fultz [My Bloody Wedding] and Mike Holman [Jackass] and we watched a great movie while waiting for our pizza to arrive.  When the pizza was done we all face planted and the next day none of us had seen the ending or could remember the title but swore it was hilarious up until that point!)

Just as my eyes were about to succumb to temptation Big Bad kicked into high gear and I was caught up and swept away.  The movie isn’t out for distribution yet but when it is, you will want to catch it and it will catch you too.


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