Six Shooter – A Rolling Race to Make Your Mark

Tonight at the White Cap Comics in Grand Rapids, Michigan we played a demonstration game of Six Shooter that I picked up at Gen Con back in August.

I first saw a demonstration of the game at Gen Con and have been planning on having a demo of it at the store when they could get it in.

They now have it in and I have had two test groups play the game.

The game is a fast pace dice rolling game that is a sort of cross between Yahtzee and Bingo.

It comes with a deck of “goal” cards, “Bingo” cards, enough dice for up to four players to have a set of six dice and four erasable markers to mark off completed goal spots on the “Bingo” cards.

Each player gets six dice and a Six Shooter Bingo card where they try to fill a row, column, or diagonal in the Bingo style.

They over goal cards which will tell them what they are shooting for, such as four of a kind.

Then they get four rolls to make that goal and if they make the goal they mark the card.

The first test group that played was a more mature crowd who said that after playing it a few times they decided they would all roll simultaneously so that they wouldn’t lose track of how many times they rolled.

The second group was more competitive and thought it was a good idea to keep everyone honest on how many times they rolled.

The game is quick, easy to learn, everyone that played the game enjoyed it and I left my demo copy at the store for people to check it out.

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