The Kingdom of Hearts in Ten Minutes

Sarah as Chii at Con Bravo in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

While I was at Con Bravo in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, a group of cosplayers did a skit called The Kingdom of Hearts in Ten Minutes.  Not knowing what to expect at the outset of the program, I was sitting on the floor and not in the best position to do video but it sounded interesting so I decided to turn on the video function of my camera.  I was further encouraged when (as you see on the video) they actually asked for people to take pictures or video and then post it for them to see.

I wasn’t really impressed with the quality of my video, in part because the lighting wasn’t great and mainly because sitting on the floor to record video on a stage that is right in front of you with people popping out randomly from behind the curtains in different locations and moving all over the stage makes for a confusing time.  So there are points where a person walks forward so their head is out of the frame or appears on the stage but out of the frame so that I have to move the camera, etc.  Add to those difficulties the fact that after the Kingdom of Hearts in Ten Minutes hit twelve minutes my camera hit the end of the data card so I missed the very end.

But it is a cute skit and before I posted it I wanted to run it past a fellow named Richard Epcar when he was at the Northern Michigan Anime convention in Traverse City recently.

Richard, by the way, is the Voice of Ansem/Xehanort/Xemnas

I had set up to do an interview with him and I was hoping to play it for him then so I could get his thoughts on it during our interview.  As things go at cons, it didn’t work out to do the interview so I later sent him the link to the video on my Youtube account and just heard back from him on it.

Richard’s response?  “Thanks for clearing all of that up!”

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to decide if this truly clears things up!

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