Does Time Really Change in the Fall and Spring?

A lovely lady enjoying the Youma Con Time change Victorian/Steampunk style!

I read an interesting ABC news article by Ned Potter and Colleen Curry on the effects of the time change on the body.

From my read of it, this time of the year it is better on the body than the spring, as it is a move back into the natural rhythm/solar/lunar schedule.

It is still hard on the body as going by an alarm clock rather than the biological clock isn’t natural and the body naturally adjusts over time with the solar/lunar calendar rather than the business/government imposed time changes which are shocking to the body whether it gets an “extra hour” or drops the time in the opposite direction.

I think it is kind of like the difference between getting in your car and flooring it to go from 0 to max speed in minimum time versus hitting the breaks and going from max speed to park in minimum time. The one is hard on the tires, engine, and transmission while the other is hard on the tires breaks, and shock (and bumpers and such if you are contacting a solid object in the process! 😉 Either set of problems can leave you stranded on the side of the road.

I have to say that I find it funny that the article puts “extra hour” in quotes but doesn’t put “time change” in quotes as setting your clock back actually does let you sleep an extra hour but there really is no change in time. We are just acknowledging that our sociological and biological schedules need to be readjusted to the natural rhythms of the earth, sun, and moon. The real stressor isn’t that we change our schedules to comply with nature, but rather that we force ourselves to not do so for weeks as nature adjusts all around us and then do so precipitously causing us to throw biological gears and pistons or to crash and burn.

According to the article over 1.5 billion men and women are suffer through the time changes (in effect, anyone that could read the article on the internet is probably going through the “time change” this weekend!)

The article says that the “time changes” are periods where heart attacks go up so you should take special care of yourself and get extra rest (especially those of us that are vulnerable to sleep deprivation!)

So take good care of yourself this weekend…  Or head down to Detroit where I will be and join 10,000 or so fun people in costumes enjoying music, movies, panels and other fun stuff at Youma Con and hope that extra hour of sleep kicks in by Monday!

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