An Under Rated Michigan Beauty and Place for a fun time – The Detroit Renaissance Center!

The Detroit riverfront as seen from Canada

In recent years with the many problems that have hit Michigan and very heavily, Detroit folks don’t usually put the words Detroit and beautiful in the same sentence.

While it does have significant problems, Detroit actually has some amazingly beautiful places and fun events that draw people in from all over the country.

One of my favorites is The World Steam Expo that happens over Memorial Day weekend and is an awesome Steampunk even with lots of great bands, shows, seminars, and beautiful women in corsets.

The Food Court in the Renaissance Center in Detroit

Another of my favorites that happens at the Renaissance Center (see the main photo – It is the series of towers in the middle) is Youma Con.

The fun and funky interior architecture of the Renaissance Center

Youma Con fills the towers of the Renaissance Center with life as thousands of costumed characters ascend and swarm the various elevators, escalators, curving, floating, hanging balconies, tiers, and floors.

The Friday night ball at Youma Con 2011

Youma Con pretty much takes over the entire Renaissance Center and you will find the participants enjoying concerts, panel discussions, movies, ballroom and rave dancing with great light shows, a masquerade with cosplay happening everywhere and in general lots of fun.

Fun funnel/cone lighting tops the escalators at the Renaissance Center in Detroit

The neat architecture gives the opportunity for a lot of photo fun if you don’t get dizzy trying to keep up with the flow of events around you.

Its a great place to catch up with old friends or meet new ones!

This is the weekend of the time change so if you have never been to the Renaissance Center or to an Anime convention, maybe it is also time for a change on that!  Head on over and don’t worry about a costume.  You can get anything you need from one of the many artists or vendors from kitty ears and tails to Pocky!

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