Friday Night Fun at Youma Con 2011


One of the biggest, best anime conventions in the Midwest is now under weigh and the Renaissance Center is full of costume cosplayers enjoying a little post Halloween celebration.

Wait, did I say a little celebration? The place was still buzzing and the floors and corridors still crowded when I left at 2 a.m. last night.

Lemon Demon starting their set

When I arrived last night Lemon Demon was just getting ready to start their set.

Neil Cicierega on his guitar, er, keyboard, er thing. 😉

Neil Cicierega leads the band on his guitar, er, keyboard, er thing (he actually has a video online explaining how he made his keytar.  It really is quite clever!  😉  Lemon Demon rocked the house (video will come later) and where Lemon Demon plays, The Potter Puppet Pals are highly likely to follow (Sunday!  You can also see Potter Puppet Pals online on Neil’s Youtube Channel and pick up Lemon Demon Music on Band Camp.  I did!)


After Lemon Demon rocked on the stage, PowerGlove rolled through blasted the audience with their favorite anime and video game tunes.


As a photographer I often have the pleasure and privilege of sneaking behind the stage and sometimes get some really fun shots but I try to remain inconspicuous and unseen by the band and audience.


Going backstage also is often the only way to have a shot at getting pics of the drummers playing as they tend to be hidden behind a bank of percussion instruments.  Some of them are pretty sharp though and will pass their spot check even through the ninja-like stealth of a black clad photographer back stage as in this case.


As he raised his stick for the next drum stroke I saw a finger extending and his expression changing and wasn’t sure what his reaction to my presence would be.



Fortune smile on me and so did he as he saluted my presence.


Even as smoothly as he snapped his salute,


returned to his playing without missing a beat.  I love music and enjoy a good band but I feel a special affinity towards the drummers.  They are usually hidden in back and go unseen for the most part during a concert, but they provide the framework that the holds the music together.  They also move like the wind and are hard to shoot, but I like to make an extra effort to get a good pic or two when I can.  Usually I just hope they appreciate my efforts and rarely get any feedback.  In the fraction of a second that it took to shoot these pics, I kinda get the feeling that he did.  Keep on rocking PowerGlove!  (more on them later as I shot a few video clips and have their permission to use it online.)

For more pics from Youma Con, check out my Youma Con 2011 album and if you missed last years check out my Youma Con 2010 album.

Oh, and don’t forget that Sunday night is the last night for getting in on The Weird Review 2011 Halloween Costume Contest so send me your Halloween (or other cosplays!) entries by Sunday night EST.



Throwing candy to the audience

Here is a video clip of PowerGlove playing the Power Rangers Theme (the sound is pretty distorted as I was, perhaps, too close to the music.

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