The Youmacon 2011 Masquerade







The audience was packed by the time the Youmacon 2001 Masquerade began.  The MC was again the hilarious Thomas Palazzolo who kept the audience laughing even during those difficult moments when the word was whispered through the curtain (we’re not ready yet!  Stall for time!)  After attending Youmacon last year I made it a point to contact Mr. Palazzolo and let him know I enjoyed his performance.  This year he did not disappoint and I am sure the pressure was on as his mom and students from the video production class she teaches were there in attendance.

There was a wide array of costumes from those that were intricate and appeared fragile but held up through the show,

There were the cute and clever ones that wowed the audience,

and magical moments that made made folks go “awwwwww…”

Many masquerade don’t actually have prizes and those that do often are a few bucks or donated items but Youmacon has a very classy Masquerade and some of their trophys are almost bigger than some of their contestants!

More on the Youmacon 2011 Masquerade later (video and such!) but I wanted to get this up with the link to the Youmacon 2011 Masquerade album.





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