A Must See for Comedians, Cosplayers, and Clowns – My Old Pal – Kenny Raskin!

I should start off by saying that, truth to tell, I have never met Kenny Raskin so the title may confuse you.  My Old Pal is a beautiful, comedic routine by Kenny Raskin.

I ran across a video of professor Raskin’s performance when I saw a blip about it from Nancy, the wife of Pop Haydn, on Facebook.  At the time I was inclined to procrastinate on a Friday night rather than do the scores of things that I am trying to accomplish in my copious, free time.

As I have said before, Pop Haydn is an amazing performer.  Without a doubt a master of his profession.  He is also a shrewd and perceptive man who should be heeded when he puts the spotlight on someone (unless he is close enough to reach your wallet, watch or other possessions in which case, don’t take your eyes off him! 😉

At Pop’s instigation I watched Professor Raskin’s performance three times.  If you have a decent internet connection and five minutes you really need to watch it.  Kenny is unquestionably a master of his profession.

Years ago I saw Marcel Marceau perform in Kindleberger Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Marcel Marceau would create an invisible world around himself that you could see with your mind’s eye.

This performance by Kenny Raskin goes beyond that.  Without words and alone, he communicates a lengthy conversation, expresses a broad range of emotions not only from himself towards an imaginary friend, but clearly communicates their emotions and responses.

In five minutes and zero words Kenny is rebuked for his smoking and littering, his old friend listens to his problems, comforts, consoles, encourages, and emboldens him to keep on going in spite of his problems and frustrations.

When the performance was over and his old friend disappeared from my mind’s eye, I was moved with sadness at his passing.

For those readers who are comedians, cosplayers, and clowns, it is a wonderful study in your art.  For the rest of us, it is just plain great entertainment!

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