From Their World to Ours – Crashland!



A couple weeks back at the Haunted Flea Market, I met a lovely lady who goes by the name of Celestia.  She’s the drummer for the band Crashland.

They do a beautiful multimedia mix of music and video in various mid-west venues.

Their show celebrates the 1947 crash landing of aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.

The music ranges from the more rowdy rock of Alien Attack to more mellow and even includes the use of a washboard in one song (in New Orleans I saw Washboard Chaz perform.  Washboards can be a really fun instrument!)

 Whether or not you believe aliens crash landed in Roswell is irelevant when it comes to Crashland.  They have some fun music and a great show.  So watch the video interview with Celestia and then keep watching as it switches into a video montage of snippets from their performance.


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