The Kollision Con 2011 Rave!

As I write this I am sitting here in the balcony with the DJs at the 2011 Kollision Con Rave.

The music is blazing away and the dance floor is crowded with otaku in various glowing apparel, dancing to the rhythm.

All around the light show is spinning, swirling, and bathing the dancers in color and fun but you don’t have to take my word for it.  Check out the video and join in dancing to the beat!

Afterthoughs – after uploading the video I did I was packing up my gear to head to my hotel.  As I picked up my camera to stick it in the case I noticed the mic wasn’t turned on and got that sinking feeling that I what a good friend of mine says was true in this case.  That I shouldn’t have been up at “stupid o’clock” and working.

I checked the video and, indeed it has no sound.  So, before I left, I went around and took some video with the mic on.  The video without sound had already gotten a few hits so I just rendered and uploaded 10 minutes of the rave I shot walking around through the crowd that has sound. Let me know what you think!

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