Samurai Dan and Jillian – a Smashing Success at Kollision Con 2011

Samurai Dan and Jillian at Kollision Con 2011

Once again, dear reader, it was my privilege and pleasure to view another performance by Samurai Dan and Jillian.

They entertain their audiences with their wit and wisdom and wow them with their genuine, ancient martial arts skills and jokes nearly as old.

Not only does Dan’s skills in the martial arts impress but equally so his ability to find a beautiful, brilliant woman with poor taste in men.

I can only hope and pray to be so lucky myself (totally unrelated to this of course, I gave Jillian my card and she said she already had my site favorited in her computer. Ok, maybe her taste isn’t so bad. 😉 )

Before their performance I asked Dan if I could record their performance, and so I set up a camera in the balcony as well as shot a bit with my cannon from closer up.

I wanted to get this online for those that couldn’t attend so they could get a bit of a taste for the performance so this video is mainly the lower resolution video from my camera in the balcony. I did splice in a clip from my cannon that I shot of the two of them making simultaneous strikes to a bamboo bundle.

I would have spliced in more of the clips I shot from my Canon, but it works best when the performers have a break in their talking and with Dan, well, lets just say I am not that skilled yet.

So, without further ado, here are Dan and Jillian! (Ok, there was further ado as it took about a half dozen times for the file to fully upload and even now it is pending Youtube’s digestive process.)

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