The Amazing Brand0 at Kollision Con 2011 and his Amazing Tour Fund on GoFundMe

I met the Amazing Brand0 at Kollision Con in St Charles, Illinois where he was singing, playing, and presenting his multimedia presentation of old style Nintendo and other nostalgia.

His music speaks for itself as you can see later, but as I was setting out to write this up and to include a link to his site I saw that he has a GoFundMe fundraiser going.  I thought I would mention that instead and as I said, let his music speak for itself.

He isn’t looking for anything extravagant.  Just help to get a few bucks together so he can get a running vehicle so he can do more concerts.

When it comes down to the music I have to mention that it falls into my “Not for Mom” rating which simply means that my dear mother actually reads this on occasion and she wouldn’t like it as it has profanity…  But it also falls into the category of,  *spoken with a sweet little old lady voice* “Oh, he’s a nice young man from Chicago.  Just give him a few bucks, won’t you?”

He is only asking for $5, and the reward for that is a high quality MP3 of one of his songs, so I tossed in $10 to cover mom and myself.  😉

So without further ado, here is his fundraising video followed by about 20 minutes of his performance at Kollision con (recorded and posted with his permission and certainly worth a $5 donation towards his tour, of course!)

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