The Bumps – Travis Betz does it again!

The Dead Inside crew at Shriekfest 2011


One of the many great movies I saw while at Shriekfest 2011 out in Hollywood was The Dead Inside by Travis Betz.

Before I tell you about The Bumps, let me warn you, I mean tell you, about Travis.

Travis doesn’t suffer from mental illness. He plays it for all it is worth. The stuff he comes up with can’t be the product of a healthy mind.

If Edgar Allen Poe and O Henry had a love child, Travis would probably still be a few steps weirder.*

Travis takes a tongue in cheek approach to the horror/paranormal/monster genres and yet his movies couldn’t be more jovially disturbing if The Batman’s nemesis, The Joker had written them.

The cinematography is done by his lovely girlfriend Shannon Hourigan (from Hamilton, New Zeeland!) on her Canon 7D and usually has a bright, cheery tone even as the characters are, figuratively or literally, going to Hell in a handbasket.

At Shriekfest their movie The Dead Inside made me a fan. Now they are working on a television series they hope to be pitching to the networks soon called The Bumps.

Take a peek at The Bumps and if you like it, make sure you like it on Facebook.

*Remember, weird is good! By the way, Travis went to Indiana University, which makes me wonder if we were born in the same state. I was born in Indiana but have lived most my life in the state of confusion. Indiana is famous for car watching (people flock to watch cars going around and around and getting nowhere for 500 miles. I imagine that if they had a race on Alaka’s Bridge to Nowhere people would be flocking to watch it!  *SPLASH* We have a winner!)  Indiana’s license used to have the motto “Wander Indiana” which is like a second hand shop owner saying, “Wander around and let me know if you see anything you like. I’ll be over here watching the cars go by.” I think their motto now is “America’s Crossroads” which is to say, “We get to watch a lot of cars going by.”

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