Starbase Indy is Out of this World!

The Lovely ladies of Barfleet at Starbase Indy

Ok, actually it is in Indianapolis, Indiana but that’s close isn’t it?

Indy is a great place for a con, but perhaps I am biased as I was born in Indiana and later dragged out screaming and kicking (well, screaming anyhow but I was only 3 months old!)

Earlier this year I was here for a horror con and, of course, Gen Con, my all around favorite.

John from Il Troubadore and a Dr. who? well, he never reallytold me.

Starbase Indy is a Science Fiction convention with a heavy emphasis on Star Trek but I think any Sci Fi fan would be comfortable here (much like an anime cosplayer seemed to fit in fine at the Scarefest horror convention when I was there in Lexington, Kentucky earlier this year, after all, they can always use victims at a horror con.  I have also met lots of folks from Kentucky at Starbase Indy.)

The Console section of the Starbase Indy Masquerade stage

The Masquerade/Cosplay was small, but it was a great masquerade.  They had a set that was the most elaborate and amazing workmanship for a Masquerade that I have seen thus far.

Part of the amazing staging area for the Starbase Indy Masquerade

It had a seat like a Captain’s in Star Trek, multiple consoles, and doors that split open in the middle.

From left to right, Laura, Michelle, and Alena entertain the audience to buy time for the Judges

It was run by the lovely ladies of the professional cosplay group And Sewing is Half the Battle who have MCed, run, or judged a number of masquerades including this year at ACEN, Collosal Con, Kollision Con, and Glass City Anime Con.  Tonight they were shorted as Mark wasn’t there but Michelle, who sometimes fills in with the group, was in charge of the Masquerade and did an excellent Job.

Khan's ship falls apart after being struck by one of Kirk's Photo Torpedoes

The costumes were great and the skit that was, in effect, The Wrath of Khan in Nine Minutes, had me cracking up to the point my camera was shaking.

Khan's and Kirk's scanners are unable to penetrate their surroundings

I just wish I had gotten video of it!

Boba Fett hits the stage in the Starbase Indy Masquerade

Star Trek wasn’t the only Sci Fi series that was in the masquerade as can be seen in this great Boba Fett costume.

Santa Claus takes the command seat

Mara Jade, AKA Laura, who MCed the Masquerade, asked Santa for a Death Star for Christmas!.

Il Troubadore musician Jon Silpayamanant greets a fan

In the spirit of Christmas Klingons and Federation folk were side by side though the Federation folk over the shoulder of this Klingon are actually members of the group Five Year Mission and this is John of the Klingon musicians Il Troubadore.  There are many reasons to attend Starbase Indy, and one of the big reasons I decided I absolutely had to come was for the Filk Music (Filk is the folk music of the science fiction and fantasy genre) of these two groups which have now been added to The Weird Review’s music stream (Thanks guys!)

The Filk Musicians, Five Year Mission, debuted their second CD at Starbase Indy

In addition to their battle of the bands with the Klingon canticles of Il Troubadore, the Five Year Mission filk musicians premiered songs from for the debut of their second album.

Due to a slow internet connection at my hotel I haven’t been able to get the Masquerade pics up but most of my walkaround pics are in my Starbase Indy photo album (if you are looking for something in particular and can’t find it let me know!)

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  2. I was portraying Khan and Mark Williams was portraying Admiral Kirk. We had won 1st place for performance at the 2011 Starbase Indy Midwest Sci-Fi convention in Indianapolis Indiana.
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