Sarah Devourer of Worlds Gets a Taste for Rift!

Sarah Devourer of Worlds Gets a Taste for Rift!

Rift is Trion Worlds new and exciting MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) home of the many new races and faces of the Guardians and Defiants on Telara fighting against Regulos, the god of death.

This struggle is steeped in a rich history of the continuing fight to take down the rifts, the interdimensional portals from the sky that release the minions of Regulos onto the mortal plane.  Left unattended, these rifts allow the invading minions of Regulos to overwhelm the cities, establishing bases within the zones, until they are consumed.  Now, Guardians and Defiants must battle against the greater enemy to regain control. Rift offers all of the traditional questing and story lines that any MMORPG has, but the constant influx of rifts that randomly break open on the world keep the players actively involved in the security of the world.

All of this is great, but it isn’t what differentiates Rift from other MMORPG’s to the gamers who like to sample every thing in the market.  Rift does have its own niche that will make it stand out against the current market: its design.  Everywhere in the Rift world is designed to be lifelike as opposed to the cartoonish nature of other games.

Customization is crucial when playing any character, and when using the designer’s unique Ascended Soul system, customization has never been more extensive.  A mage, for example, can choose to add to her pool of powers 3 souls or classes, choosing from elementalist, warlock, pyromancer, stormcaller, archon, necromancer, and dominator.  The options are vast and the compatibility is fitting to every type of player whether you play solo or with a group.  This is just one of the many advancements in Rift’s development that leave World of Warcraft, Everquest and others in the dust. Overall, Rift breaks away from the standards Blizzard set, and creates a whole new standard of its own.

As for me, this level 8 Mage with warlock/pyromancing/undecided-3rd-soul tendencies can’t get enough of the vast and beautiful world that is Telara.  With so much left unexplored, and even with my level capped, I know that any end game content I will get to experience is going to be fun, no matter the class.

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