Rescued from the Soul Sucking Abyss by Sarah – Devourer of Worlds!

Rescued from the Soul Sucking Abyss by Sarah - Devourer of Worlds!

I feel their presence lurking at nearly every convention I attend.

The darkness feeding on the souls of the unwary, masquerading as friendly patterns of light…

You will find rooms full of them at anime, sci fi, and horror cons.

They don’t discriminate and all they want is your soul…

At Gen Con one followed me home and has been sitting on my dresser staring at me for months.

After the Fan Expo in Toronto one crossed the Canadian border and followed me home.

It has been waiting for a weak moment to pounce and drain my life of the fleeting hours, minutes, and seconds that it might steal…

I have endured the bittersweet temptation with prayer and patience, waiting and keeping the faith that one would come to deliver me…

Recently such a one was sent my way and I believe others will follow.

Ok, maybe I am being overly dramtic, but when it comes to video games I love them but I can become obsessed with them and will play them to all hours of the night if I could and at this point in my life it would divert too much attention.

Recently I set up streaming audio on my site and now have music streaming from several great convention performers and set up a chat room where they could arrange to meet with fans and chat while their music streamed.

During our initial test I ran with Allison Curval of The Clockwork Dolls, a young lady from Wyoming, Michigan happened into the room.

In chatting with Sarah I found out that she has been Beta testing the new, not yet released, Star Wars game and knows how to play the heck out of these games.

She can play a game at an expert level within a few days where I would be wasting away for months (not that I don’t need a little wasting away but I would probably be munching on snack food too) and still replaying my last save.

Last night when we went over her first review of rift I was excited to find that we meshed well in thought and style on writing and editorial issues.

I am looking forward to seeing her upcoming reviews on the new Star Wars game that will be out for Christmas and on Hegemony, the neat game I picked up in Toronto.

So welcome to the staff and I dub thee Sarah Devourer of Worlds!

(By the way, she liked the title. 😉

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